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    Diploma - 2nd Year Project
Farmates Pet Center
Integrated Studio Project
It is a pity how human only love their dog, cat, rabbit, hamster or fish, where animal farms are only raised to be slaughtered and eaten. They believe that that is how they're meant to be, but I believe that this way of thinking can be change. This project is aim to create an identity for an animal farm pet center, called "Farmates". A pet center that provide animal farm as a pet and all their necessity from how to train, raise and care them, until their food, snack and toys.
Chicken Grit Packaging
Most favorite treat for your chicken, 'Chicken Grit'. The packaging itself made 100% from paper. The rotating cap making it easier to open and store the remaining inside. Treat your beloved chick today!
It is necessary to educate the audience that it is very easy for them to own and care for animal farm, therefore this magazine advertisement will be publish in all kind of  pet's magazine. It should introduced how animal farm could be a real companion in life, therefore the idea of these series is that animal farms can be you lovable dog–or cats–or fish–too!
Do you know that goats can be train to walk on leash, come when you called, and even potty trained? Goats are intelligent and curious, their friendly nature could make them a real great companion in life. Visit www.farmates.com for more information!
Duck are sociable, attention-loving and loyal. For those of you who have your passion in gardening, you will be fond of ducks because they will eat annoying bugs from your garden and kids love to play with them. Visit www.farmates.com for more details!
Although some never consider to share their home with pigs, many charmed by the intelligence and the personality of their pig pet. With the proper training and care pigs could make an interesting and well love addition to your home. Visit www.farmates.com for more information!