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The Dog Show
The Dog Show
Dog owners will agree that our canine friends have unique personalities beyond the traits of their breed. 

The family duo of Alexander Khokhlov and Veronica Ershova set out to show that dogs can do more than sit quietly, lie and bark on command. In their project “The Dog Show,” the photographers reveal the human-like traits of different breeds of dogs. Some dogs are somber, others mischievous, haughty, laughing, sad, angry, indifferent. 

This series of funny and insightful dog portraits received the Silver Award of the Prix De La Photographie Paris contest. 
George, Dogue de Bordeaux
Adele, Xoloitzquintli
Rachel, Siberian Husky
Venya, Welsh Corgi Pembroke
Dusya, Australian Cattle Dog
Marceille, Saluki
Grand, Old English Sheepdog
Askold, Weimaraner
Gucci, Petit Brabancon
Presto, Malinois
Hammurabi, Belgian Griffon
Dijon, Great Dane
Harry, Malinois
Tora, Afghan Hound
Audrey, English Bulldog
Freyby, Basset Hound
Tata, Poodle
Michelle, German Wirehaired Pointer
Blake, Staffordshire Bull Terrier
Vika, Whippet
Cherry and Cindy, Dalmatians
Dora, Whippet
Navarra, Bull Terrier
Dogue Italy cover concept (April 1st joke, 2017)
The Dog Show

The Dog Show

These series are a spin-off of my Dogs Alike project. I decided to make a portraits of all the dogs participated in my previous project and found Read More


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