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When I was young

Three years ago, my grandmother died of cancer. I remember the day my mother called me to say that grandma is sick. It was one of those moments when everything - people, thoughts, feelings - just fade away. Instantly. I loved her very much. Because I stood by her in the hospital and in those days of horror, I can't think of her as the fabulous person she was. I just see the cancer, the pills and that never ending hope that she would overcome sickness. She didn't even knew, until the end, what she had. And after she found out, she refused to spell "cancer".
Through this project, I'm trying to rediscover those elements - people, objects, feelings - that made my childhood fantastic. I want to exorcize the sickness, because it's still there. This is work in progress and it's taking so long because it is harder than I though it would be.
Old me vs new me.
Little pleasures of childhood - fortune tickets.
My grandma made this amazing black cherries jam and we used to eat it for dessert.
The cheap, but tasty dessert that my father used to make for us.
My mother and my two uncles.
One of my uncles.
My grandfather and the statues I used to play with as a child.
Besides the christian icons and the TV, this wall carpet was one of the most precious things in the house.
When I was very young, I lived with my brother and grandparents in a different city than my parents did. We used to talk on the phone every week.
My grandfather's earth globe.
I used to stare at this for hours. (Romania's map.)
My grandfather's hobby.
My grandfather's very strange room.
My grandfather, still faithful to his passion - repairing things.
When I was a child, there was a beautiful tree by this roadside cross. Now they have cut it down and build this ugly house. I would always stop at this spot just before arriving at my aunt's house.
As a child, I always thought this was a picture of my mother because the woman looked a lot like her.
When grandma had her first surgery, I went to the hospital to see here. The nurse asked me what my grandma's name was and there I stood, dumbfounded, trying to come up with the name. But all I could answer was "Granny".
Grandma was born on a 4th and died on a 4th. This was her watch, the only thing I have left of her. I found it stopped like this, at 4 o'clock. Life has its funny ways sometimes.