The Subjectivity of Coincidence
The well directed usage of Coincidences to create something new
The well-directed conincidence is an opposite and can be seen as a kind of tool. It invents new foms and produces a lot of ideas without selecting because of subjective judgement.

The content of this book forms scientifical digressions concering different fields. The main aspect is the important part of conicidences for the formation of something new. Another aspect is that products of coincidences can have enormous implications on a developping process.

Furthermore random experiments analyze the functionality of coincidences.

The caleidoscope as a metaphor illustrates the effectiveness of coincidences. The mirrors inside the caleidoscope enable a structure to the chaotic pieces in it. Thus it reaches unexpected symmetry and aesthetics.

Prof. Carl Frech, Christina Hackenschuh
University of Applied Sciences Würzburg
July 2012

Johanna Fuchs

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