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    Loose Tea - a Brew-it-yourself version of Lunartik in a Cup of Tea.
Loose Tea
B.I.Y Brew-it-yourself version of Lunartik in a Cup of Tea!
‘Brew it Yourself’ version of ‘Lunartik in a Cup of Tea’ Mini Tea vinyl figures.
Designed for you to make your own perfect brew! All the parts come disassembled
and undercoated - ready to be customised and painted.

Inside every pack is a
“Tea Brewer’s Guide” which is designed to help you brew
your new Tea to perfection!

Over at Lunartik.com is a new page called
“Loose Tea”. This is the place where you
can find out more about making your own custom Tea and download useful design templates.
There is also a Mini Tea artist gallery where you can show off your brews and the page is
loaded with painting tips and tricks and free to enter competitions with great prizes and
celebrity judges!

“If you want to make a great cup of tea, brew it yourself”

Matt JOnes