Totem MKT

Brand Identity, Art Direction.

Stacking stories above and below the lines.

Totem is a marketing agency based in Mexico City, focused in above and below the line projects. We collaborated with them redesigning their brand and the whole identity system that could work with every contact point.

We used the concept of the totem in the graphic brand, particularly in the monogram, where two letters "T" that are part of the brand name, play a totem role by being placed one above the other. The origin of these cult objects goes back to the indigenous cultures of North America, therefore we believe it pertinent strengthening the graphic discourse through the analogy of the use of lines, when projected, bring together an infinite number of compositions and stories related to the brand. 

With the use of color we aim to express sobriety and playfulness at the same time, creating a singular and atemporal narrative. The identity system works on different objects, materials and spaces, strengthening the expression and value of Totem MKT.