Stan Rebrand (Pitch)
Client - Stan
Role - Art Direction, Illustration, Branding, 3D, Design, Motion

Late last year I was tapped on the shoulder to explore some different paths into where Stan could go as a brand. Stan is an Australian SVOD service. The brand already had a strong tone of voice - bold, playful and relaxed. Graphically though it hadn't evolved beyond just setting a colour palette and a logo.

One of the main issues facing Stan was promoting new shows and movies, using the key art provided - but still being able to integrate its own brand into the marketing material. Given the extensive catalogue of content Stan has, I thought it was an opportunity utilise the key themes from theirs content. It created a design language that was unique to Stan and could be evolved upon endlessly. 

It would have provided an effective design language that would have unified digital, print, OOH & on-air.

Though Stan felt it was straying too far where the brand currently sits and decided to go with a brand evolution, as opposed to a total refresh, the designs and concepts were  well received.