This is a bike I curated and built to illustrate the simplicity that alternative energy vehicles could embody.  Using a step-through frame, a readily available motor kit, a slim rack, and a modified panier bag, the bike is lightweight, easy to ride and offers a large carrying capacity.  Devoid of the bulky looking controls and odd appendages that often plague current electric bikes, this bike fits seamlessly into the user's daily life.  With a 20 mile range, it can replace a car for many of life's daily trips.
This is the kit that I used as the basis to build this bike.  It is available as the Hill-Topper Kit with a full built wheel that mounts to your existing bike in minutes, or as a Pro-Kit, which includes a hub that you can build into your own custom rims.  I used the 20 mile Lithium Pro-Kit. There are several kits available in a wide range of mileage and price ranges.