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    A breadth of logos I have created for a variety of clients.
A breadth of logos I have done for a variety of clients.
Logos created for CodeSmith's Cohort Projects.

Skallops: A card clip toy that allows you to build anything you can imagine with playing cards.
LumiSnap - A device built to attach quickly and easily to most portable devices which allowsthe user to add vanity light to their surrounding during video chat.
The Oona - A versatile smartphone stand that utilizes all your smartphone's functions.
Elam Property Management - A family-owned property managementcompany in San Francisco dedicated to bridging quality tenants and rentals.
JAX: Logo for Jax Austin's Youtube Travel Channel.
Brydge - A full-sized aerospace-grade aluminum keyboard with optional stereo speakers, Brydge connects to your iPad using a patent-pending hinge which was created in San Francisco.
E&M Labs - A toy company dedicated to making awesome toys
for kids and adults alike to explore, tinker and learn.
Silvr Lining - A non-profit organization dedicated to creating graphic tees to raise money for social causes.
AleDev Consulting - A consulting business based in Connecticut that specializes in thesis and higher educational consulting.
AeroKnot Photography - A company based in Marina Del Rey that specializes in taking
photographs of one's boat through remote control airplanes.

Siege Toys: The creators of the trebuchette toy.