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This project was very different for me. I enjoyed it a lot because I was trying to do something different and experimental for first time. I have done this calligraphy which describes 'Shravan'. Shravan is the fifth month of the Hindu year. It begins late in July and ends in the third week of August. This is the month when monsoon hits overheated plains of India and brings many pleasant changes in the environment and I enjoy every bit of it. The smell of wet mud, rain drops tip taping on the roof and the window pane, cool breeze and the most lovely lush greenery. I have done this calligraphy on the actual small Banana leaf to give it live and greenery touch. As well as rain and coffee enhance the pleasant mood and it is the perfect combination. That's why I chose coffee mug also as a surface for my calligraphy. The whole calligraphy is done by hand with the help of permanent marker and white 3D liner.
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