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    The best tempur-pedic pillow fillers

With the choice of a particular model, I think you have decided, now go to fillers.

- Foamed latex. Has a ready-made groove for the head, is very popular, can consist of as much as one hundred percent, and with various kinds of impurities.
- Polyurethane foam, due to which the product takes an anatomical shape for the head and neck.
- Polyester, allowing you to independently adjust the height and size of the tempur-pedic neck pillows.
- Buckwheat husk, which has a massage effect.
- For traditional pillows, feathers of birds (swan, goose), sheep wool or even just cotton wool are more often used.

General advices on choosing an orthopedic pillows for your child

Of course, every parent wants to be ready for the appearance of his child by one hundred percent. But if you touch the purchase of orthopedic products, then this should not be done in advance for many reasons, perhaps it will not be necessary for the child, and maybe it will be important to study it first.

- Pillow, in general, should not be too hard or too soft, and the spine in any position should remain even.
- The stitches near the pillow should be high-quality and, most importantly, flat.
- The pillow should not have any unpleasant smell.

Here, this is all that is so important to know the parents when choosing such an orthopedic product as a tempur-pedic pillow. You do not need to rely on advertised goods or rush to choose the most expensive models. In fact, if the product has such a high price threshold, this does not mean that it is necessarily of high quality and will certainly suit the baby.

Even the seller, though, will answer important questions for you, but will not outline the full picture of which pillow will be the most optimal. That is why we need to include our parental flair, fueled by the information we have just received about the right choice of goods.