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    story and photography by Eni Turkeshi Imagery
Das parfum
The pollen scent of a  bursting lily in the spring, the smell of musk mixed with the one of the trunk, the piercing air of a  fossil in a rock, the odor of coal burning .. All these scents are specific and  impressive in different ways .
Imagine you dress these fragrances to a human profile , altogether with the essence of the human spirit and the pores of their heart textures  so in the end you`ll get the aura of that human , which is the perfect guide to the chemistry of his soul.
Then all what is left is  only your travel towards it.

Suddenly the door opens and the room fills with your scent . Every corner of the room swallows it up with a surprising speed.
 It`s a  sweet woody scent with pungent coolness that seems to carry the whole mystery of a forest by itself .
The air in the room is tense as a wire.
There is no other aroma floating , no transmission of any other breeze ,  your aroma is reigning the whole room.
It is in this moment that my journey starts . It is this  cruelly fascinating journey, where I blindly follow my emotions. My whole senses start to get drunk under the enthusiasm this scent provokes  in an uncontrolled hustle , carefree floating in the trance sea of that lucky moment.
There's only one thing that restrains them now; the aim to tighten any point of this scent , to secretly imprison every note of it , so to fanatically hide  every nuance of it , to stuck it later  somewhere deep in the cellar of my spirit.
And to face with it again in the difficult hours , to absorb it in the times when I miss you  , to put out the fever of your absence.
I can`t breathe. I just can not .. I am filled with your scent  ..
Actually I do not moan about it.
Neither  do I want to allow any little droplet of it to let go. It shocks me , it  overwhelms me , it shakes me and makes me do strange things but  no way I`m going to let any slight part of it run away from me.

Now I can smell you scent even more densely ..
You must be somewhere very close , almost in front of my table ..
It  feels like I will explode from the anguish I get from the  triumphant burst of your scent.
I know , now you are only 5 or 7 steps away from me.
I always know the time you walk near me.
I know the way you walk , the sound that comes out when you walk too , I can sense your presence all time.
I know you are approaching to say hi to me now  , I can foresee your gestures when you do that , your cozy warm smile   , your carefree manners.
Damn,  you are so close and I am afraid to turn my head and look at you. I fear that if I turn my head and look at you , I will feel so happy so I will give one of these spontaneous  excitement looks.
I am sure I will do so , since I have done it always whenever  my eyes meet with yours.
Then I will try to fix up my mess , trying to act carefree and approaching to you smiling and saying : Hey what`s up dude?

Who knows how stupid this must look to you ..It freezes my heart just thinking about it. So I make a big effort not to hear what is happening around me .I even try not to breathe.
After all , isn`t it especially that one that messes everything up?
I quickly start to write something on my computer.
Some hoarse sounds come out from its keypad , who is suffering under the stress of my unsteady fingers.
I like these sounds , they help me calm a little.
Then I feel your hand on my back.
I ask with a lazy voice : who is it?
I know very well it`s you, I always know when it`s you , I only do this because I need some time to pick  myself up and  because I want you to stay there more.
You never say anything when I ask so , except for smiling.
I turn my head , faking a lazy look  and trying to wear my mimics the slowest moves  and give my reactions the rhythm of a turtle.
You say hi to me as usual , but this time you have a special , sparkling light in your eyes.
You stare at me in a haunting way , making it even more difficult for me to control my calm looks.
You invite me to the party you`ll be giving this night.
You leave me confused without giving me any opportunity to say anything and forgetting to give me any address for the party place.
Then my eyes go to a box on the table.
Over this box it is written : Invitation for two...
I open the box and I find something I would have never thought you`d give to me.
My perfume!
How can you know my perfume?
I turn the box on the other side and read the rest of your note.
It says : Follow your intuition and feelings.
Don`t avoid them.
They won`t send you to the wrong address.
I close the note and smile.
I am getting ready for a new journey , a journey in which  I  know my steps won`t be taken randomly.