​​​​​​​Ford wanted to continue expanding its position as a thought leader and innovator in the mobility space by opening of the FordHub interactive brand experience studio in New York City.

Located in the Westfield World Trade Center mall, this interactive space is designed to demonstrate how Ford’s expansion to a mobility company is helping change the way the world moves. FordHub is designed to inspire visitors to expand their thinking about the future of transportation by encouraging imagination and dialogue.
As one of the many partners brought together to bring the FordHub to life, we had the opportunity to provide strategy and design for multiple interactive experiences within the space. 
At the front of the space, a nine-foot tall Mobility Map provides passers-by with up to the minute transit information for the many modes of public transportation located within close proximity to the FordHub. In its rest state, a dashboard displays data provided via a proprietary, cloud native Composite Services Layer that aggregates real-time data from multiple open transit NYC feeds, public APIs, and select Twitter feeds using stream data processing to enable up-to-date information to be displayed on a single display that is both easily readable, and quickly interpreted, by utilizing clean type and simple iconography.
Visitors are invited to interact with a touch screen in front of the dashboard displaying a number of popular destinations in New York City. Upon selecting a location, the large wall display takes the visitor on a fly-through of Manhattan in a way they have never experienced before, stopping at points of interest along the way.
Although the intention of the FordHub is not to try and sell visitors a product, Ford still wanted to demonstrate their strong legacy of innovation as an auto manufacturer. We designed the user interface for a unique vehicle customizer allowing visitors to explore and interact with Ford's newest fleet of production vehicles using a touch screen to select color, wheel and interior options as well as rotate around and zoom into the vehicles to inspect the smallest details without stepping foot into a Ford dealership.
Ford's new FordPass app is on display allowing visitors to explore the application on iOS and Android devices. The station is set up with a wall display showing digital signage we designed to show off the high level features of FordPass. When visitors begin exploring the FordPass app, the wall display mirrors the phone interactions.
All of Ford's thought leadership, content curation and active participation in the future of mobility is put on display in a 25 ft. virtual world. Visitors can explore the living space and see smart mobility solutions come to life as well as explore different mobility innovations in greater detail on nearby tablet devices. Working closely with our development partner, we designed the entire world around twenty mobility stories to help visitors envision the future of transportation all living together in a single environment.