Industry: Startup
Services: Web, Branding, Motion Design, Scriptwriting 

Launch citizenship by investment firm that streamlines the traditionally decentralized process of applying for a secondary passport.


Branding - We designed a new identity for the firm titled PassPro, combining both the terms passport and professionals. This new name is quick, straight to the point, identifies their specialties immediately and more importantly, reflecting their modern and instantaneous process.

Our designers reimagined their new logo to once again reflect the modernity of the company, using a clean, thin typeface as well as their new tagline: Invest Today, Secure Tomorrow.

Development - is a responsive website available in both English and Arabic, automatically adapting to the language of the user’s browser. Providing a seamless user experience for first-time users, the website immediately begins with an interactive questionnaire that allows users to identify themselves and deduce the countries that they are eligible to apply for, as well as calculate the investment quote.

Online Portal Development - MyPassPro is an extension of the official website, acting as a portal that requires login credentials.

Content Production - We wrote, designed and animated an introductory video to provide a succinct explanation of the company to all demographics.
Initially, PassPro approached us as a team named Citizenship Global who thought that a new website would innovate their business.

Through our digital transformation, they established themselves as digital specialists, acquiring accreditation from 3 new countries after the launch of our website and online portal.

During the first month of the website’s launch received over 55 thousand visitors, collecting over 60 new leads within their first week.