How to Get More Votes for Photo Voting Contest?
How to Get More Votes for Photo Voting Contest?
Photo Voting Contest

You might see photo contests on social media sites often.

Why these contests are popular these days?

To increase the targeted audience growth for any business marketers use contests on social media sites.

Running a successful online contest needs more practice.

The contest creator should know the working strategies to create a complete contest online.

Do you know why marketers choose photo voting contest?

The answer is: Pictures have the ability to impress the audience than writing a short text.
So normal polls fail to match the results we get from photo voting contest.
There are two types of Photo Voting contests using by the markers are Facebook voting contest and woobox photo contest.

1. Facebook Voting Contest
Everyone has at least 3 years old account on Facebook with the following requirements.

☛ An account with regular posts shared on the wall.
☛ With 50 to 500 friends in the list.
☛ Some little knowledge about Facebook fan pages and groups.

With the above requirements, you can easily create a super voting contest on Facebook.
Firstly, you need a fan page for your business to post your regular product updates and offers with your fans.

At start, you can’t have high volume of targeted audience so you need a source to get traffic.

It may be through Facebook Ads or with voting contest.

But, I highly recommend you to use voting contest because, it attracts more eyes than fake looking ads.

Offering attractive prizes to the winners is the key to get more entries for any contest. 

For Facebook voting contests you can share as much people you know to get more votes.

2. Woobox Photo Contest

Woobox application allows people to create photo contest on their social media accounts or on their own blogs.

Woobox tools have many features to handle the contest easily.

They allow smart dashboard with easy navigation to all places.

To find and eliminate fake votes woobox have great features.

Setting up contests with woobox on your blog or Facebook is very simple.

This is trusted application so the contestants count will increase for your contests.

It also allows free version but for effective use I highly recommend you to check their packages.

Because, using a free account you can check few statistics results only.

Why I always say to use premium package is, you can target mobile users effectively using paid version tool.

You can promote your ad on Facebook using this version and you can easily choose the winners of contests randomly.

For woobox voting contests you can gather votes by using Facebook ads service.          
Woobox Photo Contest Hack

You can’t hack woobox photo contest like simple free online polls because it has high quality filters against fake votes.

It tracks the fake votes and eliminates them right away with a notification to the contestant.
If contestants do again such hack things and you can ban the contestant’s entries from the contest.

Photo Voting Website
When you need votes for your contest in short time period you can hire a voting website to gather votes.

But the website should support to vote for photo contests.

Checkout this site and you can contact the site help desk to find how they provide votes for the contests.

If their answers satisfy you and they have real people traffic to drive more votes for contests and you can purchase votes for woobox and Facebook photo contest entries.

Before you choose any photo voting websites please check their reviews on social media groups.

Follow these above ideas when you need more votes for your photo voting contest.
How to Get More Votes for Photo Voting Contest?

How to Get More Votes for Photo Voting Contest?


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