SciFi VC: Brand Identity

In late 2016, Pemberton designed the new brand identity of Max Levchin’s future-facing investment group, SciFi VC. We began by researching a few concepts relating to the firm’s core investment focus (science and finance), ultimately landing on a direction that explores an abstract and minimal interpretation of morse code. Our goal was to modernize the existing morse alphabet and adapt it into our very own visual identity system. One of the key opportunities was pushing an identity for venture capital that felt inventive but not distracting (i.e. not too corporate but also not overtly provocative). We believe the abstraction of morse code strikes a compelling conceptual balance, while also feeling professional and well considered.

“…it’s a nod to what we’ve always seen as the mission of venture capital — to take risks in the service of transforming science-fiction into reality.” —Max Levchin
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SciFi VC Partner: Eric Scott