Positioning concept

While preparing to participate in the London exhibition ICE Totally Gaming 2017, the company realized they needed a powerful and bold image that would make the new market player stand out among the competition, attract attention to the Easia.bet booth, and inform of the benefits of working with the company. We approached this challenge by developing a brand platform, starting with positioning.

We collected all available data on the company, audience, competition, and the industry. Then we evaluated it, thought it through and concluded that positioning should be based on two attributes. The first one is technology. All products of the company follow the same principle: they are based on a unified adaptive platform. The second attribute is the winnings. For potential buyers (such as owners of gambling establishments), this means regular profit, while for the players it means regular winnings.

Visual identification concept

We conceived the image to be clear and recognizable and made sure there’s an instant association with the gambling industry and excitement. Looking for a visual metaphor, we began with the market, which was completely new for us: we investigated how companies in the industry manage their business and studied the most popular products.

Eventually, we came up with a catchy metaphor: a slot machine with three reels and a payline that highlights the winning combination. Apart from being recognizable, this image allowed us to show another important part of positioning — the product’s platform. The company has developed a universal technology for their products in different fields. The platform is symbolized by the three reels that can be imbued with different meaning according to the purpose of the medium.

In order to take this idea one step further, we started shuffling. Not cards, but words from the industries. We took cards with different terms on the subject, such as “jackpot” or “payline” and tried to put them together: We arranged them in combinations like the spinning reels of a slot machine. This prompted us to rely on copyrighting to put text, appropriate words and phrases on the reels.

We simplified the slot-machine itself, leaving just a platform comprising a reel and a bold payline that highlights the winning combination. Then we started experimenting.

We tried different combinations of elements. We stretched, narrowed, split and combined, and when we finally saw that the image was flexible enough, we settled on several variants for different media. In some cases, we increased the number of reels up to five in order to communicate more meanings, while in others we put graphics or arranged them vertically.

For media with different purposes we chose messages that depict characteristic features of the company and its products, outlining the benefits for the buyers and gamblers. Eventually, we picked appropriate popular set phrases and turned them into sharp copyrights.

We selected Mr Palkerson condensed font for the copyrights in the reels. It offers a wide range of ligatures and small caps, making it possible to create headers with expressive composition. This helps make text compact and fit it into a reel slot as well as make the symbols look like they’re spinning in an actual slot machine.

Headers, slogans and individual words that require emphasis were animated. The animation is based on the principle of a spinning reel in a slot machine. Similar technique can be applied to photos on websites, social media or in presentations.
The company is proud of its skilled Russian developers, viewing them as an advantage over the competitors in the global market and a guarantee of quality. Hence the client’s wish to emphasize the Russian origin of Easia.bet.
We tackled this task in two ways. First, by implementing well-known national attributes such as bears, balalaikas, ushankas and matreshkas into the graphics. Second, through the company slogan: “From Russia with Boldness”. Third, through the company color. Vibrant red is reminiscent of Russian national costumes and the Red Square. The color doesn’t directly indicate the company’s Russian origin, but neatly supports this idea.

The gritty and rough style of illustrations is deliberate and corresponds to the density and mass of the company typography.


In the main version of the logo, the payline went all the way from a slot machine to a line that contracts to a point. This helps vividly separate “Easia” and “bet” (a special domain for companies in the gambling industry).

The logo fits into the animated reels of a slot machine. As they spin, the words form concise copyrights about the benefits of working with the company. Each benefit can be explained with additional text — this kind of animation is perfect for a website.


We carried the vivid visual image of the brand over to printed media and souvenirs that are required for the exhibition. Personal business cards were designed as a vertical reel with the name of the employee fitted into the main version of the logo with the payline.

In the design of document folders, we tried to emphasize an important reason for choosing a developer company — trust. So that’s what we wrote. But that’s not all. The letter elements here are arranged in a way to form a code lock that guards confidential data.

The company operates across several countries, so on the advertising stand for the international exhibition we wrote the key idea in several languages: “I came, I saw, I conquered”.

The functional purpose of the bag was supported by the copyright with a pun: “Carry on!”. The same exclamation can be applied to the company’s development rate and product quality.

The media are filled with white or red color. Red is best suited for attracting attention and making an impression, while white can be used for information purposes.

Booklet layout is based on the way a reel works. Headers and graphics, including those in a Russian style, can be combined with a payline or trimmed to suit the medium: horizontally or vertically.

For the exhibition, we offered useful souvenirs such as duct tape and enameled mugs and proposed treating visitors to delicious candies.



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