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Cyborg Workshop for Advanced Photoshop Magazine

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Cyborg Tutorial For Advanced Photoshop Magazine
This was a workshop I´ve done some weeks ago for the 100th issue of the Advanced Photoshop magazine, a truly memorable number.
I was really glad about being asked to create a cyborg image! This year I made some progress on digital painting techniques and found it easy to apply these to photo manipulation works as well.

I really recommend to get your hands on this issue, not just for my tutorial, but because of the 100 photoshop tips too!
But wait, lets start at the beginning...
This was the base stock image provided from the editor, not very much to add here, I will just show a glimpse of the 24 step process that went into the magazine. If you like to learn more or follow / recreate the image, please consider to buy the magazine: here!  
If you havn´t yet the intention to buy this mag and know how to turn natural skin into a glossy looking one, kudos! 
You´ll also find some great brushes and tools - some are courtesy of Anthoy Jones ( the master of androids and robot digital painting) So go and grab your copy...you know you want to!
If you have still something better to do than reading and learning through this awesome magazine, I give up! 


Special thanks to editor Adam Smith, 
Anthony Jones for inspiration and brushes 
and Imagine Publishing of course!

Cyborg Workshop for Advanced Photoshop Magazine

Cyborg Workshop for Advanced Photoshop Magazine

Cyborg tutorial workshop for advanced photoshop magazine issue nr. 100.