McMillan Hotel Group
The first 50 years
My friend and colleague Mike Marshall was commissioned to write a book about the beginnings of the McMillan Hotel Group, based in Stranraer, Dumfries & Galloway, Scotland, to cover the first 50 years of the Group's history from the first hotel purchase in Stranraer, up to the present day where the group now owns seven hotels throughout Southern Scotland.

I was commissioned to shoot over the summer at each of the hotels, to provide photographic material both for the book and future marketing. The brief was NOT for a corporate shoot. In fact it was focussed more on the people, those who worked there including the family and should seek to provide a 'flavour' of each hotels' character (and characters!).

It will be interesting to see where, in perhaps another 25 years or so, the group will have changed, adapted and presumably grown.

This then is part of an historic archive, a 'snapshot' in tme as to how things were in the summer of 2012