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    “How important is graphic design in business, media and communication?”
The Importance of Design
Essay Question - Visual Representation
We have been asked to created a visual representation forthe dissertation we need to write by the end of this year.
The question that I have chosen to write about is:
“How has design changed the world of business, media and communication?”

I have had an idea to create a range of small simple posters, showing howdesign has changed certain aspects of our lives, for example phones, clothes,newspapers etc.

The first example i have given is based around the media, andhow people are able to get information and news. In 1605 the first commercialnewspaper was created, this was a major leap forward as it allowed people togain knowledge from outside their local area. We now have technology such as theiPad that allow us to gain knowledge from around the world.
This is the second example that ive come up with. It is basedaround fashion, and how over the years fashion has changed as a direct impactof adverting and branding. In modern day people are interested in the brandingon a piece of clothing, as opposed to the functionality.
This example is about the mobile phones, and how design haschanged not only the way the phone looks, but also the way that they work. Modernday mobile phones are more than just a device to contact someone, they are smallcomputers that can access large amounts of date. The design of these productsis also massively important, as it makes them desirable to consumers.
Car production is massive business, and in the modern world welive in, there are hundreds of different shapes, models and designs. In 1908thefirst production car was developed by Henry ford, at the time these cars wererevolutionary. Design plays a huge part in how the car industry has become sosuccessful, because the better looking the car is, the more likely someone isto buy it.
Type is one of the most important piece of design ever developed,and is constantly evolving. The first font was developed on a printing press toreplace the existing hand written technique; we now call this style‘Blackletter’. Since then there have been hundreds of different font designs, themost famous and widely used being Helvetica. This font was developed in 1957and is still today one of the most popular fonts for branding and advertisingbecause it’s simple and clean design.