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    Paulino Hemmer Actor.
Paulino Hemmer was born in Mexico city on April 7th 1973.

At a young age, he realized his dreams and aspirations of becoming an actor. These goals flourished when he participated in several of his high school plays.

Paulino was quickly cast in lead roles and was recognized for his exceptional acting abilities by receiving important awards for his performances. This experience gave him a taste of what his life would be like if he continued on with the objective in mind of pursing an acting career.

Continuing on with his dreams of success, his path would later lead him to the United States where he would learn English. He quickly mastered the language, speaking English as fluently as Spanish. This would prove critical for his success in breaking through to the American film industry.

After finishing his acting career in Mexico City, Paulino began acting in Soap Operas where he was given pivotal roles in Tres Mujeres and Locura de Amor. Both of these programs are produced by the prestigious Latin American television network "Televisa".

He continues to be a guest star on Mujer Casos de la Vida Real. Last year he flew back to the States to perform in the film Essence of Echoes playing an F.B.I agent. His career continues to move forward in the States were he recently joined the cast of Ghost Rock.

Just recently Paulino finished filming "Zapata" was he portrayed a young mexican army captain. This Roll will allow him to obtain international recognition as well as credibility due to fact that he worked for acclaimed director Alfonso Arau (A walk in the clouds) and Oscar winner Vittorio Storaro (The Last Emperor).

Currently, Paulino continues to work in both countries were he is insuring that his path will lead to the road of ultimate success - Hollywood. If there is something admirable about his personality, it is that he will do whatever is required to succeed in both his professional goals and aspirations.