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    My first submission for Depthcore XLIV:Echoes.
This was my first submission for Depthcore Chapter XLIV: ECHOES. I really wanted to do something a little bit less literal than most of my artwork, so I chose to try and represent the feeling of Nostalgia. The piece is all about the feeling of wistful reminscence you get when you hear a piece of music that has some special significance to you.
The way I see it is the music box represents something from a persons past, the kind of thing you might find under an old bed or in a closet in your grandparents house. Standing on top of the music box is a young couple, perhaps at a previous point in their life, and I chose to try and represent a summery sort of feeling emanating from the music box, with leaves and butterflies.  A day they might have spent together at a much earlier time in their life. It's kind of hard to explain, but I just imagine someone finding the music box, hearing the music and being reminded of that day.
It was quite an experimental piece for me as I attempted to combine digital painting with watercolours in some ways that I had not previously attempted. It didn't come off exactly as I wanted, but I definitely picked up some new skills creating it.