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    Three little socks is an abstract narration of the Syrian universe, discussing the aspects of culture, politics and history. It is but a mere inf… Read More
    Three little socks is an abstract narration of the Syrian universe, discussing the aspects of culture, politics and history. It is but a mere informative introduction to the past, present and future states of Syria that will later on open a dialog between the parent – who is already aware of the real events, and the kid in which discussing the rather dramatic and real events of Syria and the Syrian refugees will be more vivid, understandable and emotionally tangible by the child. Through the space of three little socks, the story intends to take place in a rather imaginative approach, stripping the current events of their traumatizing effect, it deals with each aspect of Syria as a universe of its own. It first begins upon meeting a Syrian kid in school, in which the German kid-the main character, gets introduced to where he comes from, his physical features and most importantly his sock box, the one he got all the way from Syria. The Syrian kid then informs him of how each sock inside this magical box literally gives him access to walk into a Syrian universe. The cultural universe circles around the Syrian atmosphere, the nature, the habits, the music, the food, the family gatherings, the smells and the colors one would get to experience when being there. It is based on a true and existing foundation of tiny little details; how the Othman empire, or rather, nature creatures are the reason behind the flourishing of the Syrian economical state when it comes to agriculture and trade, how the ending is using a real existing working song, or rather a lullaby that got translated from Arabic into English discussing the magical aspects of Syria’s culture and love. The second sock, discussing the political events in Syria, takes a metaphor of “sound”, one that gets related to bombs and destruction, and turns the political parties into a musical band, framing them as creatures with heads belonging to a lion’s, and giving each of them three colors referring to their country’s flag. It then explains how this universe was full of festive melodies and how this specific band of three turned their sweet melodies into shocking sounds that affected objects around and made each tiny particle fly away in the air, it then shows the main character how the people of this universe were striped away from their belongings and everything they held dear to their hearts. Which then leaves the child with a triggered to question what happened, who are these three band members, why are they doing so and what caused the town to lose its voice. The third and final sock then introduces a bit of hope and comfort explaining how Syrians will always be able to re-build their home. This sock takes place in space, referring to the attachment between Syria and astronomy, it discusses two main historical monuments as proof of rebuilding and re-creating, and how when these two monuments start to dissolve into fragments in the air, creatures built of light around space gather in a hurry and always manage to collect each tiny particle to rebuild the monument and save it with its own identity once again. When it comes to the visuals, our illustrations complement the story’s atmosphere and feel, they are very dreamy, unrealistic and imaginative. Yet our choice of color –black and white- represents the idea of how these same imaginative illustrations can be stripped away of their happiness, color, glow, and sweet appeal. We then used three little dots that follows the illustration throughout each spread representing the three little universes/socks. Read Less
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