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    Series of graphic art for a website (Anvil Translations).
Anvil Translations project
How a humble anvil became the symbol for wordsmithing
In 1998, I wanted to develop a better website. After registering my DBA (Anvil Translations), I self taught myself how to build a simple website. But first I needed an image. Since writers and translators are wordsmiths, what better tool to convey a tangible and concrete message than to use the anvil? Hence the DBA name.

Next, I endeavored to build the different elements for the website: the logo, the masthead and a template. I did publish this website (no longer found, mind you). The following is my collection of images created in Photoshop 4 with  the help of Alien Skin Eye Candy plug-ins.
To compose this graphic, I used photos of an anvil, a quill and an inkwell.
You may think that this is kitschy: the bulbous type. Remember, however, that this was 1998.
This graphic deserves an explanation. The fountain pen is supposedly wordsmithing (writing) the word “conciso” (concise, in English) to express the character of the translations done by Anvil Translations. The wisp of smoke is suggestive of this live wordsmithing.
Once again, my design is too minimalistic and too smart for its own good. Using Photoshop layering, I superimposed an anvil shape over a vertical rectangle. The text strings are a mixture of English and Spanish words.
Draft experimentation with the anvil symbol and the T (which stands for 'translation').
Another draft of the same anvil symbol. Somehow it looked cheap. Processed with Photoshop plugins.
The worst draft of the above graphic.