Twenty Two

Self Promotion 2012
The present project was developed as a self-promotion piece and also as an admission project for the Master of Communication Design and New Media Course at the Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of Lisbon, in September 2012. 
This was all-in-one digital & analog portfolio. The works presented in the portfolio were developed both while working in an agency and as a freelancer. This whole project consisted of one main piece, the poster, and its supporting materials: a letter of recommendation, a CD and instruction manual for proper operation. 
The challenge in this project was to establish a simple and easy-to-use connection between the digital and analog media, since the format of this portfolio is in Print but its objective was to showcase a set of Digital works.
To meet this challenge, this project presented an area composed of screenshots of digital projects accompanied by QR codes which would allow for the connection between print and digital to be made, thus allowing for the viewing of the work in its own mixed environment: if the user wanted to view a site shown in the poster, all he had to do was read the QR code and, immediately, it could be seen in operation in a digital platform.
This was the first version and I hope to produce an updated version in 2013 with the same challenge of linking two distinct media in such a way that will  respond to the modern user experience.