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    This is a residence in Bangalore. It has been designed for a way of life which embraces life and all things pure.
TheGhose Residence sits on the outskirts of a burgeoning Bangalore. It looks over a valleywhich once was a lake, and will soon become embroiled in construction activity.The Ghose Residence sits pretty on a rocky hill, with ‘private’ greenery allreveling in the ‘new urban home’; one which opens up to recoil, welcomes tofend of, and builds to sustain. The dichotomy of our escapist urban premise isnot lost on it.
ThePremise and the Actors:
Atypology of insular living, as against traditional Indian joint family models,seeking internal self-sufficiency and peace.
The brick landscape wall wraps, protects, earmarks the physical module,internalizing the private living spaces. It protects privacy from roads and theheat from the south west. It rises, to ease shoulders, to mark the entry intothe individual module. It rises from the earth.
Theinsular motif of the house and the contextual premise of escapism, elaborateson its linkage with the outside.
The upper floorstransform into two tubes which reachand breach the brick wall to hover above the valley; in a symbolic gesture. Theends of these tubes are blocked.
The brick landscape wallrises independently to the light frame of the tubes. The continuous glass gaprepresents their dichotomous symbolic relationship.
Thefamily room hangs in between these tubes, overlooking the internal garden,becoming the heart of the building.