The case.

In late 2011, polish label Prosto asked me to design the logotype and cover
 for upcoming solo debut album of Hades from Hifi Banda crew. 
When I met Hades, he brought me a sneak preview / snippets of three tracks, to catch the feeling
of whole production. Old-fashioned beats made from samples, produced by Galus, the same aboutcuts/scratches made by DJ Kebs and calmness of Hades voice. Classics of hip-hop, entitled "New good is evil" ("Nowe dobro to zło")
Hades also told me that he has a photo, which he wants to use as a front cover. To be honest, 
these are awkward situations when a client brings something, but what I saw was not even a photo - it was extremely raw frame from the movie that Hades and DJ Kebs shot in Marseille. A good one. 

Frame 40:
Frame 40 / tuned:
Using a tuned movie frame instead of a high quality photography defined the style for the rest of the cover, and - most important - it was 100% reflection of Hades tracks.


Using only b/w grainy photo was not enough to make this cover one of a kind. Especially because it was 
not only cover, but also other materials - posters & promos, web elements and others. To do that, I used one color, lying above the background - green multiplied on b/w photographies. By using this color in almost every material, I somehow assigned it to Hades. That allowed me to keep all the elements consistent. All that lying below clean white typography.



"New good is evil" is a phrase related to contemporary world sickness, rotation and fall of values,
hypocrisy of people nowadays. How do we get caught by advertising, so we want to buy more and more shit,how do we, as human beings, got involved in the rat race and got hypnotized. That's why Hades "New good is evil" logo is based on shapes referring to symbolic hypnosis pictures that we all somehow know.



Hypnosis symbols in narrow, not obvious frames. With grain. Dark personalities. You get kind a hospital, 
or even mental feeling. This is a picture of people who are defending themselves against "new good" and can't adapt to social order that surrounds them.



Printing technology.

To show the contrast between new and old trends, I decided to use Super Jewel box, representing the new and 
uncoated paper - as a representative of old. To enhance retro effect on the paper, I used only black and onePantone color instead of full CMYK.
Instead of destroying front photo by printing typography on it, I put a transparent sticker on the box, 
so that the cover remained clean.



The videos.
*Sneak preview of Hades album edited by Błażej Górnicki, using my graphics elements:
*Music video 'Zmiany', directed by Florian Malak:
Music video 'Brudny Funk', directed by LetEmKnow Sequence.
Music video 'Nowe dobro to zło', directed by R5

Hades with Galus, DJ Kebs and live band:

To buy Hades 'Nowe dobro to zło' on cd/mp3/wav click here