Student project: Placebranding for Hamburg's Grindelviertel
The placebranding for Hamburg's Grindelviertel quarter was part of a Corporate Design course during the 6th semester at Alsterdamm in Hamburg. The former Jewish quarter, which is now home of the University, is a small quarter in the Rotherbaum district has a lot of history to tell. 
Based on the new visual identity and logo, I developed print items as well as an advertising campaign and digital appearance including the website and an app which includes an augmented reality tool. Bringing the new identity to the streets, the Grindelviertel got new street signs and furnishing. Merchandise can be bought at the tourist info & store. 
Bringing the Jewish history of the quarter to life, the communication includes "yiddi-isms" to make the corporate language charming. 
Grindelviertel's new logo. Claim: Quarter of diversity.
(The colors inside the "g" are formed by the geographical shape of the quarter, coming together and symbolizing community & connectedness.)
Stationary & business cards.
Responsive webdesign lets the website look good on various gadgets.
Giveaway: Tourist map pointing out sights.
Guidance system.
Custom Grindelviertel bus stop.
Synagoge Bornstraße memorial plaza & City Light.
Resting cubes.
Grindelstore, a tourist info & merchandise store.
Student welcome package, postcards & app.