• Fabric Library
    Starting Point of Design
  • Fabric Library approached us in 2011 to reposition their brand and mobilise it in the minds of the customer and end consumer. At the time, Fabric Library had a strong heritage, however their market perception has declined significantly, losing vast amounts of market share.

    On an analysis of the brand and market, we immediately realised that there was something special not just in Fabric Library’s strong brand heritage but in the fact that their experience talked to them being a library of not only fabrics but of knowledge and capability. That gave them the credibility to be intimately involved in the design process, to become the place designers go for inspiration at the very start of a project. Fabric Library's portfolio was made up largely of plains, which we identified as being fundamentals to any design scheme. From this insight, we saw an opportunity to position Fabric Library as the fundamentals of design and own the design process.

    From this positioning, we came to the pay off line of “the starting point of design” which spoke directly to our positioning within market. We then went on to create the CI. Using a recognisable and fundamental symbol to fabric design, the fabric swatch, we created the Fabric Library icon. We used a modern version of the old font so as to keep the heritage and added a vibrant colour palette. This new, fresh CI was rolled out across all touchpoints from communications collateral to sample books. From this, Grid then went on to create a marketing campaign that emphasised the magic that happens when the creative mind and inspiration is allowed to run free.

    Our client wrote to thank us, “The Grid workshop held with our team to establish our vision and mission and the current positioning of our brand was excellent and prompted and challenged us to see our business in a different light.”