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Illustration Collective
Brand identity variations, Logo, stamp, pet, graphic enviroment and some applications for the collective sponsored proyects.
Pategallina is a curious slang for the support or help given with the hands to a person to climb a wall or a tree. The logo plays with the parts of the word “Pate“ (leg of) “Gallina“ (Chiken), trying to build a metaphor between Chikens and eggs (support, seeds) and the illustrators, the collective and their work.
The stamp and pet where made to give identity even appearing isolated in every kind of spaces or mixed with illustrations. In the example Pategallina t-shirts (model pics where taken from the internet and used without commercial profit)

Illustrate an egg
Catalog of illustrators
Using a local slang (an egg: a lot), “Illustrate an egg“ was a proyect inviting the members to make an illustration every two weeks during some months. At the end all that material was going to be published into a catalog presenting the collective, its members and their style.
The whole proyect was presented like a game of words and images, the idea was to compare the necessary discipline of illustration with the action of putting an egg regularly like chikens.