Branding & Design
My Client Project about logo, media, stationery, signage and etc
These are some of the projects that I have made since I went to college until worked to be freelancer. Maybe some of them are imperfect but I love my masterpieces :D
I hope you enjoy it.
Style Photography
Bussiness and Economic Faculty University of Surabaya  -  East Java, Indonesia
Glory Stationery
Vidplay Movies Rental
Newfolder Case
Flavour Pitalicious  /  Trade Place  / Fonnut Chocolate Bar  / Exito
 Fashion Lite  /  Murah Tapi Mewah  /  Grande Boutique  /  Esclusivo
 PT. Greenwood Sejahtera  /  Rakyat Muda Simpedes  /  Rumah Indonesia
 Borang Akreditasi University of Surabaya
Video Planet Movies Rental