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    Brand Proposal for West of Portugal
Oeste Portugal
Brand proposal

There are several elements that could identify the west region of Portugal, the pêra rocha, the monastery of Alcobaça, or the typical dress of Nazaré. But to synthesize the new logo in a unique element restricts its purpose and leaves indistinct all the other elements that comprise it.
The West of Portugal is only a point on the map, but this point, acting as a zoom, expands up to the 12 counties that comprise the region, all of them representing a focus of interest. On the other hand, these 12 points can be transformed into thousand of tourist and economic spots of interest, a beach, a favorite restaurant, a new company, etc..
The concept for the logo of the West of Portugal is based precisely in this multiplicity of points that populate the region. The graphic communication is based on new mechanisms of digital media and social networking.