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    Enes GP is a retro futuristic racing car, which designed for 2050's GP racing. By Samir Sadikhov.
  Enes GP is a GrandPrix racing car design for 2030 year. The concept inspired by the GrandPrix cars of Golden Era motorsports racings in the late 1930’s withdistinct low slung shape, tall thin wheels and dreamatic open-wheeldesign. In the rear of the concept there are 3 vertical wings forair-braking system.

  Concept has an additional "air-brake" spoiler like an aircraft behind the cockpit to reduce wear on the traditional brakes. At the end of long straights on which a very high top speed reaches the air-brake was activates. The panel behind the driver is  mechanically erected while braking, increasing drag to a maximum and causing the car to slow down much faster. After the braking done the panel folds neatly into place again, and the ENES GP returns to its air-cheating slippery shaped self to accelerate out of the corner as fast as possible.
The Enes GP features the most dramatic door mechanism of any vehicle created. A rather dramatic entry to the concept is gained by opening the forward sliding origami-like canopy. Inside, the driver and passenger have unimpeded 180 degree views due to the lack of any A-pillars.