Phone sterilizer_Link
Smartphone sterilizer link the dirty phone in capsule form with a concept that when the pill to treat the design with the image of birth. Easy touch buttons to use lighting to the status indicator indicates. Mirror on the front as unused, using the mirror and the use of smartphones inside the condition that can be identified due to the shine. Another arm at the bottom of the smartphones by leveraging arm was used as possible.
When I was not using the product on a regular basis, I thought that it would be a product that could perform other functions than a machine that is useless on the desk. Half mirror is used on the front and it can be used as a mirror when not in use. In use, the status can be hecked because the smartphone displays illuminates the inside. 
It is a product that can sterilize smart phones and other accessories as well as rotate the lower part and use it as a cradle for smartphones.
Sterilization function

It is designed as a double-sided sterilizer that simultaneously sterilizes both the front and back sides of smartphones. it has high UV sterilization power and can be applied to a variety of sterilization including smart phones, wearable devices, and craft accessories.
Phone sterilizer_Link