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This project was a fun look into how certain parts of our digital lives could be preserved if the Internet disappeared.
Facebook T-Shirt
What if the Internet disappeared? What would we miss, and why? Is there a way of making our favourite features of the digital world available in the physical world? 

With this project, we explored these questions and proposed an interesting solution to this hypothetical crisis. Facebook, the world's 2nd most popular website, was what we aimed to preserve and, after several mind-maps, hours of sewing, a very late night and more iron-on transfers than we care to remember, we present … the Facebook t-shirt! 

The shirt maintains a lot of Facebook's core functionality (groups, photo albums, likes, comments, basic information etc.), allowing users to easily upload content and interact with others. Pockets on the front organise groups, friends, and events; long sleeves are perfect for scrollable comment sections; Velcro strips mean the wearer can upload content instantly; and friend cards make networking easy! 


This project was a collaboration with Thomas Wightman. Portfolio details below:
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