Responsive Portfolio Website
Purpose: To create a portfolio website showcasing my work in web and graphic design.
Constraints: I wanted to create a page that was easy to scan and see much of the information provided. I decided a single-page layout would be best using responsive design to fit any screen size.
Process: I chose a color palette that was simple and didn't distract from the portfolio images. The design is clean and modern and allows for the content to stand out without being distracted by the page's styling.
Other details: When the user selects a portfolio item, they will be taken to a separate page with details about the project and more screenshots. The navigation menu will be "sticky" and always at the top of the screen for easy access. When the user selects a menu item, they will be anchored to that section of the homepage. 
HTML Direction
HTML Development Direction
Desktop Wireframe
Tablet Wireframe
Mobile Wireframe