This time on Yoobee Assignments Uncut: designing the packaging for a DVD box set, subject matter of our choice! Unsurprisingly, I took the high road and decided to devote myself to crafting a DVD set for my friends on planet Cosmos, should they ever strike it lucky and score themselves a prime-time animated series (note: they haven't). It took three-plus weeks of hard work, but there is now a 3 DVD, four panel folding Cosmos package design with episode booklet, snappy looking sticker labels, and all the packaging bells and whistles that a real DVD box set would have! Hooray! (And yes, the Cartoon Network and other logos on the box were used solely for the purposes of this assignment, don't sue, etcetera, etcetera....) 
1) DVD slipcase and inner DVD box, folded, side-by-side
2), 3) 4) DVD box outside, partly and fully unfolded. Said outside of box is printed with
an exclusive, four-panel Cosmos comic strip produced exclusively for the DVD set–
panel one is on the front of the box, panels two and three are on the inside spread,
and panel four is on the back of the box.
5) DVD box inside, fully unfolded. On the opposite side from the comic strip are folded card pockets
that hold the Cosmos animated series episode guide (far left), and the three DVDs that make up
the boxed set. One season worth of episodes and a heap of special features would be on each
of the DVDs..... if they actually existed, of course.
6) DVD episode guide cover, DVD box back showing panel four of the comic strip,
and the three DVDs with nifty matching sticker labels.
7) Page spreads from the episode guide, showing the introduction page and part
one of the character profiles (top book), and the season-by-season episode and
special features lists (bottom book).