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    METAL GEAR SOLID: Pixel Art. "You're pretty good"
Metal Gear Solid: Pixel Art
Pixel Based Illistration Project
So i decided to kick off yet another pixel based project, this time based on my all time favourite game series 'Metal Gear Solid'. I actually did two character models about a year back but did nothing with them, now im on here i thought... "I'll Put 'em on Behance" and so i have. Ive also made some more and will keep adding  stuff as i create it.
To start with i wanted to show my cover art because im quite happy with it, especially the FOX logo
So these are the character models i was on about. 'Naked Snake' (Left) & 'Solid 'Old' Snake' (Right)
This is the same 'Old Snake' model from before but with a Middle eastern background. To be honest i don't like the background and its why i decided to come up with a new idea.
This is the idea i came up with for the background problem, i'd like it if it was a bit more blurred but oh well. This is an all new character model that im quite happy with, it's supposed to be when Snake first see's Liquid Ocelot at the end of the Middle east Act 'Liquid Sun'