Metal Jacket
Paracord Creations
What a fun shoot. 

My friend is starting to sell survival bracelets on the side, and has taken the business online. He recognized the need to up the aesthetics of his web presence and asked if I could be his photographer on the shoot. He geared up his military friends and away we went on a fun sunday afternoon. Having so many weapons around was a tad unnerving, but worthwhile to have such a strong consistent theme.

A few things realized from the shoot. Shooting at high noon on a bright day can make for some awful facial shadows and stark contrast. Taking the subjects into the shade helped a ton. Also, come prepared with a spare battery. Mine couldn't even muster up the power necessary to release the shutter on the first click and the whole shoot was held up. 

A fun shoot all in all, and I hope to be on board for the next shoot Paracord Creations has in mind (a hint, it'll be very fitting for halloween).
and as a bonus...