Self-Promotional Take Away
A collection of nuances and characteristics that make up me.
This project consists of a take away that I designed to give away to clients and prospective employers. I was inspired by other creative promotions. What did they have that made them so successful? Originality. A self-promotion is only useful if it is memorable—and only memorable if it is original. This collection of work is almost entirely hand constructed. In order to achieve the precision that is required, I had to assemble each take away manually.
The design of these business cards was one of the first applications of this branding scheme. I utilized my love of white space to create an elegant and contemporary aesthetic.
I designed my resume to be modular so that it not only looks organized, but when I add to it, certain elements can move around without changing the overall look and feel.
The final (and main) part of my take away is this set of containers and objects. Users can interact with the objects inside. The take away consists of gum, mints, an iPhone stand, bookmarks, and something secret not shown here. I reflected my branding by using a modular structure and elegant design.
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