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    Blade and Soul Teaser Site
Blade and Soul Teaser Site
The Signature Eastern MMORPG Comes To The West
Hot on the heels of our massive Guild Wars 2 launch, NCsoft wanted to create a site to announce the localization of their Korean smash Blade and Soul for North America and Europe. Touting the art of Hyung-tae Kim, dizzying Qing Gong movement, and strong anime character styles, the teaser site served as an introduction for a title that had already grown to great popularity in the east.

Despite having only six weeks to complete the entire process from UX to final QA, we decided early on that we weren't going to settle for a simple splash page. For the final design, I incorporated race and class profiles, a dynamic media gallery, ready-to-roll news section, and sought to highlight the three marketing pillars of the BnS gameplay while staying true to the eastern flavor that sets this title apart.
RESPONSIBILITIES: Visual Design, Art Direction