The Gauteng Sansui Summer Cup 2015

The Gauteng SANSUI Summer Cup is a lifestyle horse racing event, it is Gauteng’s answer to the Durban July. Megapro brought in Nicework and Retroviral to help brand the event, build awareness and drive tickets sales. The More Jozi concept was the result of student brief from the students of the Vega School. More Jozi is about owning the fact that Johannesburg is the “City of Gold”. Our site is the biggest, wealthiest, most dynamic in the country and we wanted our premier race to embody that. 

After all “Nothing is big unless it is Jozi big"
Our approach to the More Jozi logo type we followed a few simple steps. 01: Make it super slick. We switched up the look and set everything on a dark black background. 02: Own the idea of Gold. The logotype is set in a thick Gotham font, styled in gold plate that is reflecting the city and racing horses. 03: Make a flexible recipe.  We were not happy with creating one graphic lock up and then reformatting it for all applications. We devised a system of graphics where you can dynamically create artwork. A simple recipe of Sponsor Logo + Message + More Jozi + Visual. We were able to make a wide variety of imagery suited to specific applications while building a singular event identity.
One of our challenges was repurposing imagery form the previous year but making it feel fresh. We took the footage from last years campaign shot by Spitfire and recut a story where a different “horse” won. The characters from the shoot were added to pool the visuals along with the artists and celebrities who were performing at the event. This allowed us to bring the characters from the video into the event and our online activities. The team from Retroviral were able to use the graphics and drive hype and ticket sales making this the biggest turn out for the Gauteng SANSUI Summer Cup ever!
Team Nicework showed up looking fleek...
The end result was an event Jozi can be proud of...

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