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Exploring a city in one day really encourages you to make the most of your new surroundings, and fully immerse yourself in a different culture. Every Moleskin Map I draw conveys the enlightening expeditions I experienced while taking in the sights of cities across Europe.

I started on the Moleskin Maps project in October 2015, when I visited Copenhagen as my first day trip. When I embarked on the journey, I had no idea that the project would take me on 12 day trips to Europe’s most beautiful and exciting cities.
Before each trip, there is a thorough planning process. The trip should cost less than £100, covering the return journey, any connections, activities and food. I also draw a rough sketch of the city, which includes all of the locations I plan to visit. Having a plan and doing preliminary sketches gives me more time to explore so I can fully experience the culture and charm of every city.
So far, I’ve drawn 22 Moleskin Maps, and continue to build on my collection with a view to developing the project further with every new trip I take. I would love for my maps to serve as city guides, giving travellers a good idea of how they can quickly and efficiently explore some of the world’s most wondrous cities in a day – and, on a dime.