#Throwback is a multimedia art exhibit by Multimedia Arts and Sciences students of Mapua Institute of Technology for their Portfolio and Development Class S.Y. 2016-2017. The overall theme are nostalgia and childhood memories considering that our batch, those born during '96, '97 and '98 are now on the way to graduating, and this is the last batch of the 90s kids before the official millenial kids began. 

The art exhibit was held at Nova Gallery, Makati City last March 16, 2017 (Throwback Thursday).

Tagline: "Remember when..."
(Each exhibit artwork description begins with "Remember when" to remind the audience of a memory from the past of the artist that may be able relate to them)

The concept of the branding is to create a look that is fun, energetic, and lively which reminisces our childhood moments. The yellow squiggles with pink accents came from the idea of the casette tape to form the typography of the exhibit title which later on became the main symbol for the branding connecting to what we usually draw as kids back then - squiggles. The crumpled paper texture is an added effect alongside the squiggles drawing. The branding focused more on yellow, orange and light pink - sunny, energetic and bright while the blue green background made the main colors pop out more. 

#Throwback: A Multimedia Art Exhibit Collaterals
5 Days to Go GIF by Reinalyn Capatan
4 Days to Go GIF by Reinalyn Capatan
3 Days to Go GIF by Andrew Valbuena
2 Days to Go GIF by Andrew Valbuena
Tomorrow GIF by Andrew Valbuena
#Throwback: Meet the Exhibitors video by Derrick Deñola
Official Poster Design by Danielle Llemos
Facebook page screenshot
Directions to Nova Gallery and Map (Social Media Ads)
Free Admission, Free Food & Free Drinks Ad
Facebook profile picture frames for #Throwback branding (the whole class also changed their profile pictures with their baby/childhood pictures to set the gimmick for the exhibit theme)

These are profile pictures of the Promotion Team
Food booth designs

Photos of Documentation Team on Event Preparation and Event Collaterals

Event photos
Promotion Committee

Design Team:

Danielle Llemos - Main graphic designer
Paolo Garrido - Art Direction
Elijah Cajipe - Art Direction, Social Media Director
Derrick Deñola - Video (Motion design)
Reinalyn Capatan - GIF artist
Andrew Valbuena - GIF artist
Ellain Dela Cruz - Typography

Documentation Team:

Zaira Daradar - photographer
Rhadney Reyes - photographer, editor
Judy Sacdalan - photographer