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    This is a collection of images from the last few years
Double Bangs
Unicorns of my photo world
These images are the unicorns of my beauty and fashion shoots: rare, exciting, and always a surprise. The images are not Photoshopped, but rather the result of operating the camera too rapidly. In effect they are very similar to double exposures made in-camera which I affectionately call “double-bangs.” They happen when depressing the shutter twice during a digital exposure before the digital back resets itself for the next capture--it's essentially a failure which happens between the digital and the mechanical world.

Double-bangs tend to happen during the best part of the shoot–though always beautiful, they can be a bit frustrating since the two good shots are permanently married in odd colors and other artifacts. I’ve since learned how to recreate the effect at will (kind of like knowing where to stand and look for a rainbow), but all-in-all it kind of kills the flow of a shoot–since often the camera, computer, etc, need to be turned off and reset. Because of the flow stop, I haven’t used the camera combination in a while.