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    We got creative and transformed the “Geometrical tvN” logo into a variety of shapes with an attractive "pop" of colour!
tvN Channel Branding 
Theatrical and stylistic movements gives this Ident a quirky perspective to TvN’s definition of “Variety”. There are uninhibited displays of differently shaped items and textures, mostly coated in the channel’s iconic blue and red colours, that work succinctly in a whimsical playground setting, before puppet strings slowly lower various elements to form the channel brand’s TvN logo. This recreational presentation of bold variety wholly signifies a range of lifestyle, film, beauty and cuisine related programmes to entice its viewers.
This Ident was a playful take on letter transitions where we were able to utilize pinball, bract-like movements of geometric shapes to coerce in precise motions according to acute camera angle shifts. The spheres react to the gradual formation of the letters, as they bounce across varying bold coloured platforms to evolve from the word “fun” to the channel brand name: “TvN”. This portrayal of tectonic calligraphy accentuates the brand’s breadth of lifestyle programmes that range from travel to makeovers.
The ident starts with a letter “f” formed by geometrical shapes. The tiny sphere slides into the triangular structure and bounces up from the inside, withdrawing an inward motion for the red rectangles. A quick camera rotation, indicating a change of formation. Camera pulls out, revealing tvN logo formed by all the geometrical shapes. “Geometrical tvN” logo transforms to red solid tvN logo. Background animates from blue to white.
We created an Ident that transitioned from the word “fun” to “TvN”, using geometric shapes that reacted in pinball, bract-like ways with each subtle evolution. The tectonic calligraphy accentuates the brand’s signature colours and variety of lifestyle programming. We used this theme to fluidity form the Lower Thirds, Bug and Coming up next.