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    This is a concept for a new "type" of dating application
Shallow Dating App No More - Concept
Pretty much every dating app on the market is primarily photo based. This is not necessarily a bad thing but it does make for a fairly shallow experience in general. Most people do not even look at the description of the person and make their decision solely on the image in front of them.

I want to trigger people to go further than just the image and get to know the person a little better before actually making a decision. I do this by playing into a little human trait called "attention span", which is pretty short in general. After 10 seconds the user will generally wander off and look for something more interesting, so by making them wait 15 seconds to see the image I want to trigger the user to scroll down and get to know the person before making the decision.

Of course this would not work if there was simply a bit of text as reading texts is an "intensive" task for the end user and this is why every profile is consists of just a few tags about their job or study, interests and personality. This way it is easy for the user to get to know the person, without having to read full texts.
Photos originate from Unsplash, mockup was made in Figma and animations were coded using Framer.

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