Céon - Tapas & Foodculture
Céon - Tapas & Foodculture
Tapas-serving-dishes | 03/2010
‘Tapas’ is a Spanishculture where small plates are filled with food specialties. The designedserving-dishes are made out of two pieces. One main dish is designed for theregular Tapas and one fitting on the top as a lid for preserving the heat.Also, it may serve the other way around for additional Tapas like olives andtheir leftovers. The dishes arecompletely stackable with or without the smaller dish inside. In addition, there is a rotatable handle where the dishes can beplugged in to provide a companionable dinner as the Tapas traditionally areshared on the table.
Top shell for extra tapas and sauces
or used upside down to preserve the heat.
Stackable for easy storage.
Rotatable handle for sharing the food on the table and easy serving.