Work in Process
Currently I'm working on a leader of an imaginary tv show, which is a real life soap about fish in a tank.

Here you can see the process and development of the idea and the styling.
After some brainstorming, which happened all in my brain, watching the fish, I started of with a moving storyboard.
I did not want to give the viewer the clue right away. I wanted him to see an image and than get curious about what this show is about.
I started of with filming the fish. And I ran to the first obstacle...:
Fish are not the best actors one can get. They have their own way of life, especially these... and they will not, never even do what I want them to, to get my shots!

So after filming I started playing with After Effects, which was pretty new and unknown to me, and I found the kaleidoscope... As a kid I used to play with my kaleidoscope binoculars all the time, I loved that thing! And even though it was much different than my moving storyboard, it seemed perfect to achieve the effect I wanted my leader to have. This effect even gave me new, and I think better, ideas for introducing the fish.

So I took a looooooong time editing the film material I had and setting the kaleidoscope at the perfect spots, to create the perfect images, impact and timing.
So now I'll show you the 'better ways to introduce the fish':
Lenses! The kaleidoscopic images formed perfect lenses through which I can show the fish.
Again it took me forever to get those lenses cut out and be perfect in the mean while, but here's the result.
But now I still needed a way to get from the leader to the actual beginning of the show and I wanted it to be very smooth. Off course the ideas I had didn't work out the way I wanted, so after some puzzling I came to the conclusion to create a wipe, caused by the fish themselves.
I can promise I will never do this again... using the rotoscope to cut out fish, whose tails and fins are see through. This part took even more time than all I did so far.
But I am happy with the result, so it was worth it!
Now all I need to finish this leader in typographics...
Um... whoops, I was so focused on the film material I edited and created... I never thought of typographics anymore...
So... as soon as I've got to that, you'll be the first one to know!