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    My attempts at making some of the most concept-less, random animation.
My Animated Randomness

Here are some of the random pieces of animation that i do in my free time.
A trial in Adobe Flash. I have used a track that I had recorded in 2010 for a sound design course. The music track in the film (with the flies) is made by sounds from the mouth and stationery. Was one of my inital attempts at animation in Flash.
This piece was concieved as I once sat sipping my tea, when I narrowly escaped being hit by a bird dropping. I was then imagining how it would have been if the bird dropping somehow figured out a way to smack me on the face. Pretty useless and dumb, but what the hell right?
Love the track.Wanted to animate something onto it...so here goes.
Came across the track and wanted to animate something on it. All Hail the Stick Man!